Our Vehicles

We can cover any requirement and can flex the size of our operation around our core group of specialist vehicles. Within our fleet we can call upon our trusted Minibuses, Camera Vans, Pick Up Truck and Unit Cars.

Your Peace of Mind

It is imperative that production staff and transport captains are conversant with the legal requirements regarding the operation of a passenger vehicle for ‘Hire and Reward’. This is the normal manner in which vehicles are hired for the purposes of conveying crew and cast. Please be assured, at Silver Screen Services all our staff adhere to the latest legal requirements for the operation of a passenger vehicles. We take this very seriously and are in the process of establishing a new professional body to raise the standard in our industry

Standard Minibuses

The Ford Transit 16 seat minibus is the workhorse of passenger transport for media productions. These rugged vehicles are well suited to the majority of passenger transit solutions.

Executive Minibuses

16 comfortable passenger seats and a huge amount of equipment carrying capacity. The large boot opens into a unique underfloor storage area, allowing the conveyance of equipment separate from the passengers above. 240 volt electrics can also be supplied on-board.

Pick Up Truck

Our 4 X 4 pick up truck offers great flexibility, with a cargo payload in excess of a tonne and towing capability of three-and-a-half tonnes. The double-cab design also allows for the conveyance of up to four passengers over rough terrain. Our  drivers are BORDA (British Off Road Driving Association) qualifield.

Camera / D.I.T. Vans

A variety of Panel or Luton Body type vans can be supplied and we can rack them out to meet your specific requirements to service Camera, Grips, Sparks or Costume departments.. We can fit them out with 240 volt battery charging points and/or D.I.T. workstations along with additional internal lighting as required.

Unit Cars

We have developed a close working relationship with a number of Unit Car providers. Working under our banner, they can provide a wide variety of executive Unit Cars to convey your “Primary Talent” and “Production Executives”. Vehicles come from the Mercedes, Audi and Jaguar stables, seating between three and seven passengers in elegance and comfort.

Your Safety is Utmost Priority!

Our vehicles are highly maintained. They are subject to Periodic Maintenance Inspections (Sometimes referred to as P.M.I.’s or Safety Inspections) every six weeks, the shortest interval between inspections of any Operator working in Media Productions. Those inspections are in addition to the annual M.O.T. which is a full P.S.V. test, not a Class V test which would be insufficient for vehicles used for “Hire and Reward” under an “O” Licence.