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To effectively exercise your duty of care towards cast and crew and ascertain the likely validity  of vehicle insurance pertaining to a 'hire & reward' operation, verification of a current PSV Operator’s Licence (“O” Licence) is the minimum check required

This may well sound like scaremongering, but we believe it is to everybodys benefit, that regulations designed to ensure the safety of passengers, are adhered to by all concerned.

The items that should be checked include the following:

  • PSV Operator’s Licence Disc - This Licence Disc needs to be displayed prominently in the windscreen of each vehicle. Ours are “international” licences, allowing us to operate through all of Europe.
  • Vehicle Insurance - Insurance should make specific reference to the fact that drivers must hold the appropriate driving licence and that the terms and limitations of said licence (which will obviously include driving an appropriately regulated vehicle), must be complied with in order for the insurance to remain valid. Also required, are Employers’ Liability insurance, and, more importantly, Public Liability Insurance.
  • PSV MOT Certificates - Vehicle MOT certificates should be full Public Service Vehicle MOT’s.
  • Driver’s Licences showing D/D1 entitlement - Drivers should be professionally qualified giving them authorization to drive a PSV for “Hire and Reward”.
  • Driver Certificates of Professional Competence - Since September 2013 all PSV drivers have been required, by law, to have a Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC). On completion of the requisite training, they will have been issued with a Driver Qualification Card (DQC) which must be carried at all times when engaged in professional driving activities.
  • Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence - Companies in possession of an Operator’s Licence are required to employ a qualified Transport Manager (TM).

If you wish to read more about the regulations concerning the operation of Public Service Vehicles, a good place to start is:

We at Silver Screen Services (UK) Ltd. comply with all of the above and we work exclusively within the TV and Film sector, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the specific requirements of transport for media productions. We would be delighted if we were to have the opportunity to discuss with you, the transport provision for your next production.