Silver Screen Services are a transport provider to the Media Production Industry in the U.K.

We have very recently updated our website and social media presence and our colleagues in the development team suggested it would be a great idea to write a Blog about the history of the company.

So here goes ….. except …. where to begin? Now, working in the star-studded world of T.V. and Film production, it would only be right and proper to use a quote from one of the illustrious characters from our industry.

And who better perhaps, than the wonderful Mary Poppins. “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.” Now that is a fabulous idea ….. except …. where is the beginning? Do I start writing about the inception of the company? That would be March 2012. Or when we undertook our very first job? A bit later in 2013. Or perhaps a bit earlier than that to show how the company came to fruition? Well that could be as early as 1967 when this particular, erstwhile gentleman, came into existence on “Spaceship Earth”.

Aaarrgghh! This is all too complicated already! I actually envisioned explaining the story of Silver Screen Services to my audience (that will be you), one night as I lay in bed, drifting off to sleep. In my semi-comatose state, I came up with this analogy: A squirrel, showing another squirrel around his home in a majestic oak tree. It had to be an oak tree of course …. from the humble acorn grows the mighty oak. “Well yes” I hear you say, “I’ve heard of that, but apart from growing a mighty tree from humble beginnings, how does the analogy work?”

Let me explain.

Like an excited squirrel, I find myself eager to show you all around my tree. From the new shoots at the tips of the loftiest branch, to the roots, sprawling underground just as far as the branches spread atop. And I just don’t know where to start! The whole oak is the whole picture that I want you to see. From the firm footings of the business, the roots that anchor us securely with sensible business decisions based on organic growth, to the buds of new ideas that will enable us to expand into new markets and welcome new customers. And betwixt the branches and roots, a really solid trunk, a trunk representing a number of years of steady, controlled growth that draws sustenance from the roots to feed the fledgling ideas of the future. A Mighty Oak, still growing, still expanding and with just so much for you to see.

So, as you progress through this blog, please, try and hold that image in your mind. We’ll be exploring all corners of this wonderful tree, and hopefully, you will learn what Silver Screen Services stand for, have worked hard to achieve thus far and what dreams are still to be fulfilled.

In the early part of 2011, I found myself drifting between jobs. A fixed-term Transport Manager’s role I had really enjoyed, had sadly come to an end and I had been filling my days with a variety of driving jobs via a local employment agency. The work was enjoyable enough, but none of it was terribly taxing and certainly wasn’t managing to keep my active mind fully stimulated. As a result, I rang my old friend Mark, to see what he was up to and to enquire if he knew of any interesting transport roles that might be available. He was excited to tell me that he had recently been engaged by a transport company who supplied passenger transport to the TV and Film industry. He explained that he was often visiting new and interesting places and that it was rather intriguing to see how television and film was produced. I asked Mark if he thought there might be a role for me within this company and he said he would make enquiries.

A very short time later, he rang me back to inform me that indeed, there might well be a ‘Steve’ sized opening at the company and that his boss had stated an interest in inviting me for interview. Said interview was arranged for a Friday afternoon if memory serves me correctly. Mark offered to give me a lift and make introductions. So we turned up at the appointed time and had to wait a short while in the reception area while the boss finished a phone call before seeing me. Phone call finished, the boss came wandering down stairs, car keys in hand and took one glance at me.

“So you’re the new bloke starting Monday? Good to meet you. Must dash!”

That, dear reader, was the “interview” that got me involved in transport for Media Productions.

Like an excited squirrel…